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Reviewed: January 2023
Approved by Trustees: February 2023

Next Review Due: January 2024


1.0 Policy
2.0 Legal Framework
3.0 Definitions
4.0 Safer Recruitment
5.0 Code of Practice
6.0 Procedures for Reporting Concerns
7.0 Procedure for dealing with allegations of abuse or Inappropriate conduct by member of staff
8.0 Whistle- Blowing policy
9.0 Responding appropriately to a vulnerable adult making an 13 allegation of abuse
10.0 How Information Should be recorded
11.0 E-Safety Policy
12.0 Confidentiality Policy
13.0 Links with Other Safeline Policies
14.0 Guidelines for Staff/Volunteers
Appendix 1 – Protection of Adults at Risk: Concern Form
Appendix 2 – Guidance for Reporting Concerns
Appendix 3 – Flowchart regarding procedure

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