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We provide dedicated services for male survivors of sexual violence for both adults and children and for those who support them living in England and Wales. 

We wish to acknowledge gender identity can be fluid for some individuals and when we use the term ‘male’ this includes cisgender (cis), transgender (trans) and non-binary identities.

We understand how difficult it can be sometimes to talk about your experiences or to know how to find the words and to seek support.  Our team of friendly professional staff are trained to work with survivors and will give you the space you need to go at your pace when you feel ready to talk.  We provide emotional support, guidance and information and can also help you find services local to you.

If English is not your preferred language we can support you via Language Line which allows people to communicate across different languages in a matter of seconds through a three way phone call with an interpreter

We provide different ways of getting in touch so you can choose what works best for you.  We offer one contact per week for up to 45 minutes via either a helpline call, a text session or a live chat session or you can choose to contact us via email and we aim to respond within seven working days.

Please note, we are not a crisis service so if you need immediate support please call Samaritans on 116123 or text SHOUT to 85258 (24/7 crisis text support).

National Male Survivor Helpline

0808 800 5005

Please call our helpline during opening hours as we do not offer a call back service.

National Male Survivor Online Support 

  • Male Survivor SMS Text Service – text 07860 065187 (texts are charged at your standard rate). 
  •  Male Survivor Email Service – email  You are welcome to email us anytime and we aim to reply within 7 working days.
  • Male Survivor Live Chat Service: Male Survivor Text Chat Button

Our opening times:

For opening hours please see our contact us page.

Using our service

If you are interested in accessing one of our services then it is important to us that you know what services are on offer, your rights and responsibilities, and that you have the chance to ask us any questions about the services before you decide to use them.

Privacy and Confidentiality

If you contact our helpline and prefer to remain anonymous, you can hide your phone number by dialing 141 before the helpline number. Please check with your network provider that this service is available with your mobile network.  We do not audio record live calls.

We recommend that when you contact us you do so in a private place and at a time where you will not be overheard or interrupted.

All the personally identifying information you give us will be kept confidential within our organisation unless:

  • You give us permission to share information,
  • The information is requested by a court of law,
  • There is serious risk of harm to another person, for example, a serious crime being committed such as terrorism, fraud, or a child protection concern.
  • There is serious risk of harm to yourself, for example, a plan to take your own life.

Record Keeping

During your contact with the service we may ask you if you would be willing to share some personal information (such as age, gender, geographical area) for the purpose of monitoring our service and for accessing funding.  Please note it is always your choice whether you choose to answer these questions or not and if you prefer not to disclose personal information it will not affect your use of the service.

Text and live chat conversations are stored securely for three years and email conversations stored securely for 30 days (after the last contact with the service) and then deleted unless we have a cause for concern for your safety or that of another person as outlined above or you have made a first disclosure of a potential or alleged crime that may later be used as evidence if you choose to report to the Police.  If you make a first disclosure we will talk with you at the time what that means and the data we may collect.

Further information can be found on our policies page.

Feedback about the service

If you would like to give feedback about your experience of our service  you can do so anonymously via Survey Monkey by clicking his link:  Helpline and Online Service Feedback.

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