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It was an amazing and incredible night this week at the 2019 Diana Legacy Awards where 20 young changemakers were honoured in memory of Princess Diana for changing the world.

At Safeline we are extremely proud privileged and honoured that Córa-Laine Moynihan from Warwickshire has received this award following her commitment and dedication to the charity.

Córa-Laine, an inspiring advocate for those affected by abuse, has positively impacted the lives of many young people through the charity Safeline.

Córa-Laine has dedicated the past five years to helping other young people cope with and recover from the effects of emotional, physical and sexual abuse.

After enduring a challenging childhood witnessing domestic abuse first-hand, Córa has been determined to support other young people.

She has raised over £2,000 for Safeline. What’s more, at 13 years old she qualified as a Peer Mentor and at 15 she became a Safeline Student Ambassador: a role which saw her promoting Safeline services throughout the country.

Córa-Laine devoted many hours to create the Safeline Young People’s Website enabling young people to obtain online support.

Córa-Laine’s involvement in Safeline projects has inspired over 50 young people who have suffered abuse to participate in activities such as drama, dance, and music, with the aim being to improve their overall health and well-being.

We thank Córa for her amazing support.


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