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Safeline is a specialist sexual violence and abuse charity led by the needs of its clients.

About us

We help prevent sexual violence and support anyone who has been affected. Established in 1994, we have supported over 100,000 people and they help us shape the services and support we provide. Working with clients, we want to support more people who have been abused or are at risk of abuse, removing the barriers that prevent people from accessing specialist support.

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive range of specialist, best practice services to anyone affected by or at risk of sexual violence and abuse. Our services are free, independent, and confidential.

Counselling & Therapy

One to One, specialist counselling and therapies with trained experts.

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Independent Sexual Violence Advocates (ISVA)

Independent, practical, and emotional support and information to victims of sexual violence crimes.

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National Male Survivor Helpline and Online Support Service

A dedicated service for men and boys in England and Wales affected by sexual violence and abuse and those who support them.

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Prevention & Early Intervention

Safeline deliver a range of projects, courses and interventions to prevent child abuse both in and out of term time (primary and secondary schools).

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Warwickshire and Coventry Survivors Helpline

We provide a dedicated helpline service for adults and children resident in Warwickshire & Coventry who have been affected by sexual abuse and rape either recently or historically.

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Specialist Training Services

Specialist, accredited training to a wide range of Professionals, organisations and frontline practitioners.

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Specialist Medical and Forensic Support

Recent victims of rape or sexual assault, (within the last 7 days), can access free, specialist medical and forensic support from specially trained professionals.

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Taste of Recovery

An online self-guided help programme to support Safeline clients or those waiting to access our services

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We support everyone

“I put my life back together and now I’m running my own thriving business with my husband.”

I couldn’t find the words to tell anyone what my step-father did to me and I thought I’d be trapped in a dark place forever. Coming to Dramatherapy has help me express myself in a different way and I realised that I wasn’t the one who betrayed the family, it was my step father.

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It was a relief to call the helpline and finally talk about what happened to me.

I didn't think anyone would believe what my father did to me, I didn't want to believe it myself. I kept trying to push the memories down and but they were always there, and it took me almost 60 years to tell somebody.

Support for Males

I had the confidence to just block him. It was such a relief, I wish I’d done it sooner

At first I was flattered, he wasn't anything like the idiots at school. But then he kept trying to persuade me to send him pictures. He’d message me constantly until I answered him.

Warwickshire Helpline

I used the on-line support service anonymously to get through what had happened to me.

My uncle always used to say that ‘Family is the most important thing’ but that didn't stop him from raping me. I’d worked in domestic violence law for ten years but I’d never really thought about men being raped. I needed support, information and strategies but I didn't want my wife and kids finding out.

Support for Family & Friends

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