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Please find a range of information and resources we have collated to support anyone affected by or at risk of sexual violence.

Safeline Referral Forms

Here you can find all the referral forms for our individual services.

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What is Sexual Violence?

Sexual violence is the general term used to describe any kind of unwanted sexual act or activity, including rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, and many others.

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There are many common myths about sexual violence that can cause shame, guilt, and self-blame.

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Sexual Violence is shockingly prevalent in all communities. The following statistics highlight the scale of the issue in England and Wales amongst men and women.

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How to Support Someone Affected

When someone close to you has experienced sexual violence, whether it happened a long time ago or more recently, for affected family, friends, colleagues, it can feel frightening and overwhelming.

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Information & Resources

This page contains information and other resources that may help individuals who have been impacted by sexual violence.

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Survivor Stories

People who been affected by sexual violence can sometimes feel alone and isolated. For some, hearing and sharing stories can play an important role in helping someone decide whether or not to access support.

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