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I contacted Safeline when I felt my life was going nowhere, I felt depressed and due to chronic fatigue not being able to work.

My life was stuck, and I deeply knew that I never really shared my childhood sexual abuse story with anyone before. I never had an ear willing to listen and understand what I was going through, even in a form of a therapist. My life was filled with struggle, self-hatred, and failed relationships.

I needed help. In one of the YouTube videos, there was a woman that shared her sexual abuse story and she shared that the Safeline organisation helped her to recover. That’s how I found out about the organisation where sexual survivors can receive great support and all for free.

 I was very happy to receive their services in a form of video therapy sessions. I will be forever grateful for the help I received from my therapist.

I felt truly seen, heard, and truly understood in her presence. I was able to talk about things that were very painful for me to talk about and never truly shared with anyone. I felt safe and loved and I knew she has my best interest at heart. Her presence helped me immensely when my narcissistic abusive relationship ended during your therapy sessions, which left me in ruins on so many levels.

While I was going through cognitive dissonance, she was there to affirm my feelings and thoughts. It felt really good to talk through things that were on my mind and slowly but surely, from session to session I started to feel better, started to feel stronger, started to trust myself more and at some point, I felt I can do life again.

Immense gratitude and thanks to the whole organisation for doing this work that is so needed and special thanks to my therapist who was truly there when I deeply needed support.

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