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Stephanie Martin is fighting Muay Thai in the White Collar Charity Fight on the 17th March, to raise money for Safeline. Find out more on her JustGiving Page

Stephanie says:

“Unfortunately I know too many people who have been sexually assaulted or sexually harassed. Myself included. Which makes this fight huge for me – I’ve been incredibly fortunate to fund my own therapy, and have my own support circle that has helped me manage my fears and needs – all which have led me to even be capable to attempt something so emotionally charged and intense as a Muay Thai fight, when a couple of years ago, I was terrified to walk down the street alone and even the smallest confrontation sent me into a panic attack. I want to be able to help fund and support others to have the same access to what I was able to have, which helped me thrive in life, not just survive.”

If you need more clarity on why this is important, the statistics of sexual violence speak for themselves, and highlight just how much more support and publicity those affected/helping need. To read more click below:

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