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Thank you for choosing to donate in memory of someone you love and miss.

However you decide to remember them with Safeline, you can be sure that together, you and your loved one will be supporting those who have been affected by sexual abuse or rape.

Take a look below at the different ways you can donate in memory or collect Safeline donations in memory of a loved one. We’re here to help you make a lasting and fitting tribute – to help you remember them in the most meaningful way.

How in memory giving supports Safeline

As a charity designated a key support organisation by the Government in relation to COVID-19, we rely on generosity and kindness to enable us to keep supporting those who need us.

Every penny we receive through memorial donations is used for our clients (and their friends and family) to support them and enable them to move forward. Together, you and your loved one will make a lifesaving difference, every single day.

On behalf of everyone we see, speak to or listen to here at Safeline – thank you.

Find the perfect way to remember your loved one

  • Give an in memory donation.
  • Funeral donations: we can supply donations envelopes or you can set up an on-line giving page via Just Giving
  • Set up a monthly in memory donation
  • In Memory event: if you want to hold an event to remember your loved one, please do get in touch at or use the form below, and we can help you with this. You can also set up a Just Giving page

What ever you choose to do for your loved one, please be assured your donation and thoughts will go a long way with helping survivors of sexual abuse or rape.

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