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As the summer approaches, many music lovers will be making their way to various festivals around the country.

Having fun and getting the most out of your experience is key to a great festival and alongside this, it may also be helpful to think about how to keep yourself and your friends safe.  At Safeline, we’re here to offer guidance on how to make the most of your festival experience and keep yourself safe at the same time.

In recent news, there have been reported stories detailing the rise in sexual abuse attacks at festivals. It might also be the case that some people affected don’t actively report sexual assault and harassment for fear of stigma amongst other possible reasons. There are ways in which you can help yourself and others stay safe and unharmed when attending a festival.

With these festivals taking place during some of the hottest days of the year, as well as being on unfamiliar territory, we have put together some general tips to keep you safe this summer:

  1. Stay hydrated
    Temperatures during festivals can soar, so staying hydrated is one of the most important tips to consider for general wellbeing. Most festivals now have free water refill stations that are located throughout the festival we recommend you take full advantage of this and take your own water bottle, which many festivals also allow.
  2. Protect yourself from the sun
    Whilst putting on your best festival shorts might seem fun the day before, it is important that you wear the correct sun protection. Also, don’t forget extra layers of clothes for when it gets cooler at night!
  3. Have a buddy system
    Not all festivals last one day: for festivals which allow guests to camp overnight we recommend you set up camp near a lamppost or landmark – something that you can easily find at night. If that isn’t an option we suggest you create a meeting spot with your friends and make sure you have a buddy system to avoid getting lost on your own.
  4. Don’t shy away from visiting the medical tent
    Medical tents are located throughout festivals and offer free care, don’t be scared to visit the medical tent if you or a friend is feeling unwell they can offer some reassurance and any medication if it is needed.
  5. Stay safe whilst drinking alcohol
    Everyone wants to have a good time at festivals. If you’re going to be drinking alcohol, make sure you keep to a one-to-one ratio (a glass of water for between every alcoholic beverage) this will help keep you hydrated. Don’t share your drinks or accept drinks from people you don’t know or trust: better still, buy and pour your own drinks to reduce the risk of your drinks getting
  6. Get your bearings
    When you first get to a festival, check out what’s where. Festivals can be confusing places, it is important you get to grips with your bearings and know where key areas are such as the toilets, first aid, camping areas & chill out zones. Most festivals provide a map, or you could walk around and explore.

The vast majority of people go to festivals and have a great time and may become regulars at festivals for many years – going and having fun is your main priority!  Thinking about how to max out the fun with keeping safe can mean you get the most out of your festival experience – whether you’re a first-time festival fan or a seasoned pro.  If you do find yourself subject to any form of sexual harassment or assault, remember it is not your fault and you are not alone. Safeline operates a confidential helpline, text, chat and email service for you to talk through your experience and get support and guidance. If you want to talk to one of our team, contact us through our helpline or online support service below.

Safeline are here for you. #BelieveInYou.

General Helpline: 0808 800 5008

Male Helpline: 0808 800 5005

Young people’s Helpline: 0808 8005007

Text: 07860 027573


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