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Safeline’s Early Intervention and Prevention Team (Safeline Young People) have recently launched a pilot programme to support and engage with vulnerable young people who have suffered from racism; or are at risk of racism or other forms of abuse.

The pilot programme focusses on equality for all and includes in-depth discussions on Hate Crimes and the impact of George Floyd’s death including the Black Lives Matter movement.   Language and harmful vocabulary are key and an understanding of the impact of community perceptions of race and culture.



The course participants will be empowered to share their experiences of prejudice and racism and together will develop a plan of how to overcome and resolve future discrimination at school or within their wider community.

Safeline hopes that the programme will enable young people from ethnic minorities to feel better supported, with an understanding that they will be treated equally and that they feel safe to report any form of abuse including sexual abuse. (Topics covered in the pilot course will include bullying, discrimination, unconscious bias and media language including music).

The course will conclude with a presentation and the young people will receive an ASDAN accredited PSHE award.

This pilot programme will be rigorously evaluated.  All participants and contributors will complete evaluation forms and Safeline will also use the CORE-YP impact tool to measure impact and mental wellbeing.  Feedback and evaluation will guide Safeline on the development and adaption of future programmes.

The Pilot programme has already generated a great deal of interest and we are hopeful that this will become a core Safeline programme.

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