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A Safeline client that our ISVA Department have been supporting since May last year (2015) gave evidence at a trial in court last week for historical abuse by an uncle. We have since heard that the  jury, after a long deliberation (around three days in total), came back with a unanimous guilty verdict.

This victim’s story is a reminder that for some people who choose to go down the reporting route, there is HOPE. No guarantees, but hope.  For such survivors, having the opportunity to give a witness statement to the police on video, to know that the police believe there is sufficient evidence to pass this to the CPS and for the CPS to decide that there is a realistic prospect of conviction based on the evidence – are all profound moments of personal POWER.

It is not in the verdict – it is in speaking out about what has happened and knowing that people hear them and BELIEVE in them.

For this lady, while her ISVA contact and she were waiting to be called to cross-examination, the CPS Barrister came to see her and said, “No matter what happens, I want you to know that I believe you and I will do the best job I can for you.” A very moving moment for both the victim and for her ISVA contact.

Safeline have three more trials coming up before the end of July this year – we’re keeping everything crossed for these clients. Of course everyone is desperately wanting ‘a successful outcome’ but they are starting to feel prepared and resilient for what’s ahead, knowing that if they can come out of that court saying to themselves “I have done the best I can” they can start to move on to salvage a renewed sense of self from the horrors they have endured.

Our charity is able to do these amazing things and help these vulnerable people because of the support we get through donations. If ever there was a worthy cause or a reason to support a charity that has these positive impacts on people who’s lives have been destroyed, surely this is it.

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