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Safeline is very proud that its National Helpline and Online Services Manager, Liz Harrison and her co-author Jeannie Wright have had their research on, “The experiences of person-centred counsellors working with suicidal clients online through the medium of text” published in the British Journal of Guidance & Counselling

This research provides insights into the impact on person-centred therapists working with suicidal clients in online therapy. As therapists can we still work in our unique person-centred way through the written word or does working remotely change our ‘way of being’? Is it appropriate for us to offer this type of therapy if we are not familiar with text-based working and have no formal training? As professionals we need to adhere to our ethical and legal guidelines and remember our unconscious incompetence – we need to ask ourselves if we don’t know what we don’t know how can we best meet these guidelines? In this article four UK-based person-centred therapists share their different experiences and opinions of working with risk in text-based therapy.


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