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Safeline exists to support survivors of sexual abuse. The impact of abuse is devastating and long-lasting and Safeline helps people recover through the provision of specialist counselling (face to face, phone and online), creative therapies and helplines which provide immediate emotional support.  To date, Safeline have supported over 30,000 people. However, over the last 12 months, Safeline have seen a huge increase in demand for their services as more and more people are bravely coming forwards to get help they so desperately need. Safeline aims to help every person that comes to them for support.

Due to the increase in demand, Safeline have had to invest in additional premises which has three new counselling rooms, to ensure survivors can access their services and get the life-changing support they need.

Securing the space is one thing, creating the right environment to ensure counselling is effective is another thing. The rooms need to be transformed into safe, welcoming spaces which support the counselling experience and where they can come to terms with their trauma and move on. Providing more counselling to survivors also requires funding, and so with all this in mind, Safeline have launched their very first crowdfunding venture.

Please donate to the Safeline fundraiser and help survivors of sexual abuse get the support they need in a safe environment with the best professional care. Your donations will go directly to helping to decorate the new counselling rooms so that Safeline can continue their life-changing work.

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