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Welcome to the Steps4Safeline Challenge Campaign. Take a step forward to support survivors of Sexual Abuse and Rape. Take a second step and help Safeline to prevent sexual abuse by supporting vulnerable children and young people.

This year, Safeline was so happy that so many people planned so many different ways of fundraising for us. The COVID 19 pandemic drastically altered these plans.

We are now challenging you to take some steps, miles/kilometres, either alone or with a team  to help raise awareness and funds to ensure that adults and children affected by sexual abuse and rape continue to be supported.  

The Challenge will officially start on 26th December 2020 and continue until 31st March 2021. Some of our supporters have already started, others are already working out what they can do.

To join the challenge, please visit our Steps4Safeline Campaign Page  where you can donate directly or you can connect a fundraising page to our  Campaign and pledge to make some steps and ask for people to support your page for Steps4Safeline.  Want to make a pledge and a donation but not set up a fundraising page?  Just donate on the campaign page and include your pledge as a message with the donation.  

Suggested Steps4Safeline Challenges

Our first Steps4Safeline Fundraising Page was the the Committee Walk/Run.

Steps4Safeline could be:

  • A simple daily amount of steps you want to achieve to improve your health
  • A set number of times you want to walk around  your local park
  • Taking your dog out for a longer walk each day #Paws4Safeline

For anyone who wants more of a challenge you could run walk or swim(!) a:

  • Half Marathon
  • Full Marathon

Split the distances into chunks: Remember young Henry who ran a marathon over 5 days for Safeline in the 2.6Challenge 

To inspire our supporters to create their own challenges, we looked at the map where our UK donors live and came up with the following suggestions for distances that you can complete virtually in your local area:

  1. Our two furthest donors (North/South) in the UK live in Truro and Aberdeen. We challenge a team or an individual to do their Steps4Safeline by completing steps or mileage in their local area or community, based on the following distance guides.

Truro to Aberdeen – 627 miles / 1009Km or 1,324,147 steps (or just over 10,000 steps a day each for a team of 4 over one month)

Truro to Warwick – 235 miles / 378 or 496,063 steps

Aberdeen to Warwick – 417 miles / 671Km or 880,577 steps

2. Safeline has two main offices in the UK, one in Warwick and the other in Stratford. Fancy a step between the two and/or back again?        These are suggested distances which could be used in your local area.

Warwick to Stratford – 9.2 miles / 14.7Km or 19,291 steps

Warwick to Stratford return – 18.4 miles / 29.4 Km or 38,583 steps.

How to Track your Steps/Miles/Kilometres

There are different apps which can be used to track your distance such as STRAVA and  RUNKEEPER.     Alternatively many mobile phones have a free health tracking app which will record steps for you.   

Team Challenges

If you want to set up a Team Challenge then there is a free app called StrideKick which allows up to 10 team members to compete and track their steps!  You can also set up an invite only club on STRAVA. 

Organised Events

Some of our supporters prefer to raise money through an organised event. Safeline is an official charity at the London Winter Walk which is happening in London on the 27th and 28th February 2021 (COVID permitting).  SiEvents also have a good list of virtual and actual  events that might be happening near you. 

Safeline’s services are free and we offer long-term support. This is where you can step in and help. Every £48 raised is another counselling session for a survivor in need. The average survivor needs weekly counselling for 6 months. Your steps and your fundraising will help a survivor to continue to walk forward with Safeline. 

Do pick up our challenge and swim, cycle, walk, skip or jump some Steps4Safeline.  

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