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On Thursday 5th May 2022, Safeline’s Head of Prevention & Early Intervention, Colin Walker, will be speaking at Westminster Insight’s Digital Conference Tackling Sexual Harassment in Schools. He will be supported by Safeline Ambassador, Córa-Laine Moynihan. They will be sharing expertise from Safeline’s Early Intervention programmes about providing effective Sexual Harassment Interventions in Schools.

This conference will explore the latest guidance from Ofsted and Department for Education  as well as provide practical advice, tools, and resources to schools about how they can tackle and prevent sexual harassment.

Key points will be:

  • Implementing new guidance from Ofsted and the DfE to tackle sexual harassment in schools
  • Giving teachers the confidence and resources to address difficult topics in the classroom
  • Transforming school culture to break the normalisation of sexual harassment
  • Addressing sexually inappropriate behaviour through the curriculum and targeted interventions
  • Protecting students from online sexual harassment
  • Improving partnership working to enhance safeguarding practices

Through education and communication, we can protect students from sexual harassment and support those that have already experienced it.

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