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Tinder is taking significant steps to enhance user safety with the introduction of enhanced identity checks for its UK users. This voluntary scheme involves users verifying their identity with a passport or driving license, which is then cross-referenced against a video selfie.

Users who opt into this scheme will receive an icon on their profile, providing verification of their age and authenticity. This initiative comes as a response to the repeated targeting of the dating app by fraudsters.

Wayne Stevens, a spokesperson for the charity Victim Support, welcomed Tinder’s move, emphasizing the importance of such measures in combating romance fraud. However, he also urged platforms like Tinder to go further, suggesting that mandatory ID verification across all dating apps would provide a more robust solution.

Romance fraud, also known as catfishing, is a devastating crime that involves individuals entering relationships under false pretenses. This deceitful practice often aims to scam money from victims, causing immense emotional and financial harm.

Tinder’s new verification system aims to provide users with greater confidence that the individuals they interact with on the app are genuine. Verified users will receive badges indicating their verified photo and authentic ID, with those completing both steps receiving a blue checkmark.

Introduced in Australia and New Zealand in 2023, this system resulted in a significant increase in matches for verified users. Now, Tinder is expanding this initiative to users in the UK, US, Brazil, and Mexico.

While this marks a positive step in enhancing user safety, Safeline echoes the call for continued vigilance and proactive measures to combat online fraud and ensure the well-being of all users.

If you have experienced sexual abuse as a result of fraud on dating apps, click Get Help to find out what support we can give you.

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