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Safeline is really grateful to Gabriella Brown and her fellow artists for creating the Visual Crisis Zine representing their response to and experiences of sexual harassment, sexual violence and the objectification and control of women over the centuries.

From the Zine:

Keep your hands free, wear flat shoes and cover up”

“The narrative of abuse is frequently shifted against women, that what they wear and do will lead to them being sexually assaulted and abused”

“Women should be able to wander feely in any place at any time, without the protection of a sign that reads ‘Do not touch'”


The Zine is available to purchase for only £4 on  Etsy

Thank you to all the artists for so generously supporting survivors of sexual abuse and rape and raising awareness.


Dawn Hazell 

Louis Hey

Isobel Foster

Conor McIlroy

Joe Baines

Emily Bird

Simon Davis

Joe Bains

Amy Dobson

Aila Frost

Hannah Cartwright

Antony David Harwood

Alexandra Jessie Browning

Gabriella Brown

Alice Burton Hall

Julia Cockerham

Kian Clark

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