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Safeline is so grateful to Warwick Lions whose members voted last night to support Safeline by purchasing Russian Nesting Dolls for our Counsellors to use with their clients.

When our counsellors work with clients, they are helping them to make sense of and heal from past traumas that have happened at various stages in their lives. If someone is experiencing a feeling in the present, whether that is shame, guilt, anger, fear, loss, confusion, it often stems from an earlier experience or from a ‘younger’ part of them. 

Russian Dolls are like a metaphor for all the parts within us; small child, teenager, adult and so on and the different roles we have, for example, mother, nurse, carer, son.  All these parts make up the whole person.

In a safe environment, counsellor and client can use the dolls to explore the layers of themselves including their younger selves, helping them to work through their feelings and start to heal.

If you would like to make a donation towards our counselling services, please click on the Donate Button

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