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Safeline is a leading charity for rape and sexual abuse. Our mission is to help support those that have been traumatised by sexual abuse and rape while working to prevent it happening to anyone else.

We offer a wide range of support services for men, women, children and people with disabilities. This includes counselling and therapy, plus we also run a helpline and online support service. There are also support groups and a training service to help professionals deal with these situations in the workplace.

Some statistics about sexual abuse

• Nearly half a million adults are victims of sexual abuse in England and Wales each year

• Around 12,000 men and 85,000 women are raped in England and Wales each year
• About 90% of the victims knew the person that abused them prior to the assault
• Only 15% of those victims will report their sexual abuse or rape to the police
• Safeline received a total of 10,150 calls in 2016 and helpline traffic has doubled in the past three months.

Sexual abuse in the workplace

Unfortunately, sexual abuse is prevalent all around us, even in the workplace. It can be aimed at both men and women and can be very harmful to those affected by it.

Sexual abuse can come in the form of verbal comments such as sexual remarks or intimate references that make you feel uncomfortable; it could also come in the form of physical gestures such as inappropriate fondling, caressing or pinching.

It could be also the way that someone else behaves within the office, for instance, an employer that dismisses an employee because they have refused a sexual advance. Another example could be a colleague that gets too close physically while working together.

These are all examples of unacceptable sexual behaviour in the workplace and can be very difficult for the person affected. This type of activity puts the victim in a difficult position because it is not only frequent, but they may also be afraid that it will affect their working environment.

If an employer is involved, it could make the employee feel that they will lose their job if they report any unwanted sexual activity. Sexual abuse isn’t just about the physical gesture, but also about the psychological ramifications it causes too.

Sexual abuse can also affect your employee’s work mentality as a whole, impairing their ability to think clearly and negatively impacting performance in the workplace.

How can you help your employees?

Working with Safeline, you can give your employees a voice. They can turn to us when they feel they are being threatened with sexual abuse, and we will do our best to provide them with the best support available.

We have a wide range of services for you and your employees to benefit from, which can give them the confidence to confront their abuser and prevent further incidents occurring. Offering these services will protect your workers and maintain a sense of safety in the workplace. Our Safeline services are there to support and protect your employees from feeling at risk and in danger while at work.

National Helpline – Provides immediate emotional support for anyone affected by sexual abuse and rape. These are open Monday to Saturday, with a dedicated helpline for male victims of sexual abuse and rape.

Counselling – We have a wide range of counselling services available, both face-to-face and online, that can provide support. This includes group support and creative therapies that help people recover from abuse.

Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA) – Our advisors provide emotional and practical support for people that do choose to report their abuse to the police.

Training – We provide training for professionals to deal with sexual abuse and rape within the workplace, including how to support and protect employees and people within their community.

Working together

By working together, we can combat sexual abuse and rape within the workplace, and provide your employees with the support they desperately need. Raising awareness of our services in the workplace will help counter any unwanted sexual activity and will prevent further sexual abuse taking place.

Our helpline and online services are available by calling 0808 800 5008, texting 07860 027573 or via chat



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