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Safeline welcomed the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to its office on November 15th and 16th, 2023. Katie Chase, a Senior Policy Advisor from the Ministry of Justice’s Sexual Violence Service Design and Delivery department, visited to gain an in-depth understanding of Safeline’s multifaceted services and witness firsthand how the financial support from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) is actively making a positive difference in the community.

Katie’s visit aimed to explore the expansive range of services Safeline offers and to assess how the funds from the MOJ are allocated to various programs benefiting survivors of sexual violence. This visit not only highlighted the transparency and accountability in Safeline’s operations but also emphasized the tangible impact of government funding on essential support services.

“Their funding is making a difference on the ground”

During her time at Safeline, Katie Chase engaged closely with the Helplines team, delving into the intricate details of their work in supporting male survivors through the National Male Survivor Helpline. This vital service, funded by the MOJ, caters to individuals identifying as male or non-binary, irrespective of age, who have experienced sexual violence. The Helplines team also extends support to those assisting male survivors, recognizing the broader impact of trauma on both survivors and their support networks.

Neil Henderson, the CEO of Safeline, expressed his gratitude for the visit, stating, “It’s lovely to see people coming from London to see the difference their funding is making a difference on the ground to victims/survivors of sexual violence.” This acknowledgment reinforces the collaborative nature of the partnership between Safeline and the Ministry of Justice, showcasing a shared commitment to addressing the profound challenges posed by sexual violence.

As Safeline continues to provide crucial support to survivors, the visit from the Ministry of Justice underscores the importance of ongoing collaboration between governmental bodies and community organizations. It serves as a testament to the tangible, positive changes that result from strategic partnerships in the fight against sexual violence. The commitment of both Safeline and the Ministry of Justice to this cause remains unwavering, reflecting a shared vision for a safer and more supportive community for survivors.

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