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Taste of Recovery has been developed by a survivor of sexual violence, for survivors; it provides you with information, tools, and techniques to help you avoid self-blame, feel more in control, and create empowering rituals for yourself.

Taste of Recovery is an online guided self-help programme developed by a survivor of sexual violence.  It provides people with information, resources, and techniques to help them better understand their feelings, avoid self-blame, and feel more in control. You will explore grounding, breathing, sleep and mindfulness to help you improve self-care.  You can dip in and out and take as long as you like working through the materials and re-visit them whenever you want to.

The Taste of Recovery programme is available to anybody from age 16 who is accessing one or more of our services and to their carers, and supporters.

The mini-course has three modules, with five 20-minute lessons in each module. Each lesson is available as a video, audio file, or transcript, with a downloadable workbook for each module so you can record your thoughts as you go. You can dip in and out and take as long as you like. There is no time clock on your progress.

Taste of Recovery will help you move beyond merely coping, one day at a time. It will help you take control of your reality and become your own rescuer. I was where you are. This is what I needed.

Emily Jacob, creator of Taste of Recovery and Founder of ReConnected Life.


You’ll learn about your mind and body’s responses during and after being subjected to trauma. You’ll also learn about how others might respond to you, and how to manage those conversations in a way to keep you safe.


You’ll learn techniques and tools to enable you to effectively rescue yourself (and be your own hero). When you feel out of control, you’ll be equipped with tools that will help you regain control and liberate you from panic and anxiety.


You’ll build strength by introducing rituals into your daily routine that will facilitate reconnection between mind and body.

I found the Taste of Recovery course a really helpful way to learn about responses to trauma and, most importantly, to feel empowered to build resilience every day… [it] made me very hopeful for the future.


The modules will help you learn self-compassion for what you’ve been subjected to. You’ll find yourself experiencing more of life, as you’ll no longer feel the need to hide away from the world to protect yourself. You’ll be tasting what recovery can look like.

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MindBody Foundations

MindBody Foundations complements the Taste of Recovery Programme by exploring 5 Grounding Practices.


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