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At Safeline we know that our services can make a difference. We have over 25 years’ experience of working with young people who have suffered abuse helping them to heal from their experiences.

Safeline’s early intervention and prevention services are based on evidence and research. We have seen our projects transform the lives of those attending, whether that is through finding new friends, increasing self-esteem and confidence, reconsidering risky behaviour or finally feeling comfortable and safe enough to speak openly to someone who understands.

Find out what young people had to say about their experiences at our projects by visiting the Safeline Young People Website SLYP

Safeline deliver a range of projects, courses and interventions to prevent child abuse both in and out of term time (primary and secondary schools).

The Safeline Social and Personal Development Programmes for schools

An exciting and informative 6–8-week course designed to help young people develop in a positive way whilst ensuring that they are safe from harm.

The course enables young people to improve their communication skills, increase self-esteem, develop team working and problem-solving capabilities whilst dealing with issues that directly affect them, such as bullying, internet safety, child sexual exploitation, positive and negative relationships, drugs and alcohol abuse and gang culture.

Activities include drama, dance, music, creative arts, football, boxing, health and fitness training and tennis. Students work to obtain an ASDAN accredited award.

Safeline One to One Support

Safeline offer a number of specialist one to one support courses dealing with social media issues, anger management, relationships, child sexual exploitation and self-harming.

This one-to-one support includes the Safeline Safer Relationship Course for those at risk of abuse or affected by it. Students receive an ASDAN PSHE accreditation and are encouraged to become peer mentors and support others in the future.

The Safeline Drama Project

An amazing experience for young people aged 11-18 years conducted over 4 days during school holidays. Our talented Drama Director Rebecca Ward creates a drama performance which young people rehearse and perform to an audience at the end of the course. The performance is based on topics selected by young people that directly affect them such as bullying, internet safety and healthy relationships.

The Safeline Music Project

A unique opportunity for young people to work with highly experienced musicians and write their own song which is recorded at a studio. The course takes place over 5 days in school holidays. Dealing with issues that directly affect young people, the participants develop their own lyrics and together with songwriters their ideas become reality and a new song is created.

Safeline Employability Course

In collaboration with local companies from a variety of different industries the Safeline Employability Programme is designed to prepare young people for the workplace. The course aims to help students discover their next steps after school leading them to a promising and rewarding career. Students attending will achieve the following:

  • Develop their key social skills such as communication, team working and problem solving.
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence.
  • Improve ability to complete application forms, CV’s and participate in interviews.
  • Explore different workplace environments.
  • Connect with potential employers.

Safeline Peer Support Group for Young People

Held in Warwick on a fortnightly basis the Peer Support Group enables young people aged 11-18 years to develop their social skills whilst discussing safety and taking part in enjoyable activities. The sessions are focused on art, drama, singing sport, cooking and a variety of other fun activities designed to help develop new friendships.

Safeline Parent Support Workshop

Delivered to parents online or face to face, Safeline Parent Support Workshops enable parents and carers to understand the risks associated with internet usage, give practical tips and advice on how to support young people with mental health issues and help parents to deal with issues such as cyber and physical bullying.

Safeline Teacher Training Workshop/ Twilight Session 1.5 hours

Safeline offer a teacher training workshop designed to equip teachers in both primary and secondary schools with the necessary skills and information to identify the signs and symptoms of sexual abuse both physically and online, recognise the current methods used by perpetrators and effectively support children and young people who have suffered abuse.

Safeline Awareness Workshop for Students at College or University

Safeline supports young people in further education settings by providing online and face to face awareness seminars focusing on the prevention of sexual abuse and how any young person affected by inappropriate sexual behaviour or sexual abuse can obtain support.

Safeline No Racism Here Project

Safeline’s Early Intervention Team support and engage with vulnerable young people who have suffered from racism and other forms of abuse. The No Racism Here Project focusses on equality for all and includes in-depth discussions on Hate crimes and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Language and harmful vocabulary are key discussion points and an understanding of the impact of community perceptions regarding race and culture.

The course participants are empowered to share their experiences of prejudice and racism and together develop a plan of how to overcome and resolve future discrimination at school or within the wider community.

Safeline believes that the programme enables young people from ethnic minority backgrounds to feel better supported, with an understanding that they will be treated equally and that they feel safe to report any form of abuse including sexual abuse. Participants take part in a presentation and receive an ASDAN PSHE accreditation.

Children’s Independent Sexual Violence Advocate

A CISVA is a qualified ISVA who has received specialist training to support children from age 3.


Children’s Counselling & Creative Therapies

A wide range of specialist practical and emotional support for children and young people, parents, and professionals.


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