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MindBody Foundations complements the Taste of Recovery Programme by exploring 5 Grounding Practices.

MindBody Foundations complements the Taste of Recovery Programme, by taking five grounding practices, and exploring them in greater detail. Each ten-minute lesson is available as a video, audio, or transcript, with an accompanying worksheet for each.

The Five lessons are: Grounding, Breathing, Sleep, Mindfulness and Music.


By focusing our senses on our environment in the present moment, grounding can bring us back into the ‘NOW’.


‘Good sleep hygiene’ will start to minimise panic attacks and flashbacks. This lesson guides us through finding sleep rituals that work for us.


If we can learn to control our breathing, slow it down, noticing how it feels going in and out… then we can know how to safely bring ourselves back into our bodies, just by taking a breath.


This lesson introduces mindfulness through a mindful eating exercise that will bring our mind back into our body.


Music has the power to transport us; it can lift us up and it can calm us down. This lesson explores creating our own playlists that can bring us calm and joy.

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